Prospective student paper authors are encouraged to submit motivations for student grants to attend the conference. Two types of grants are available

  1. Student registration fee grant (14 available) – only the student registration fee is covered.
  2. Student full attendance grant (5 available) – student registration fee and standard accommodation are fully covered, as well as covering actual travel expenses up to a maximum of R5,500.



  1. Proof of registration for 2020 academic year at an institution of higher learning must be provided, or a student card indicating the period of validity.
  2. The student must be the first author on an accepted paper. If an applicant’s submitted paper is rejected, the grant application automatically becomes disqualified.
  3. The student must present his/her paper at the conference.
  4. The student or his/her institution must be able to cover any funding shortfall arising from the above grants.



  1. Financial need
  2. Quality of paper submission
  3. Submitted motivation

Note: Since funding for these grants were obtained from the South African National Research Foundation, a portion of the grants will be reserved for South African and African students, whereas the rest will be for students from other countries.