FUSION2021 | Awards

We wish to thank the Awards Chairs and the Awards Committee for an unbiased and independent process in the nomination,  shortlisting and evaluation of award paper candidates.

Awards Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Wolfgang Koch
  • Nageswara Rao
  • Pramod Varshney

Awards Committee Members:

  • Stefano Coraluppi
  • Henry Leung
  • Mahendra Mallick
  • Ruixin Niu
  • Xiaojing Shen
  • Lauro Snidaro
  • Jason Williams
We are delighted to announce the FUSION2021 Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards:
FUSION2021 | Best Paper Awards:
FUSION2021 Best Paper

mmWave Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using a Computationally Efficient EK-PHD Filter

Ossi Kaltiokallio, Yu Ge, Jukka Talvitie, Henk Wymeersch and Mikko Valkama

FUSION2021 Best Paper: First Runner-up

An analysis on metric-driven multi-target sensor management: GOSPA versus OSPA

Angel Garcia-Fernandez, Marcel Hernandez and Simon Maskell


FUSION2021 Best Paper: Second Runner-up

Acoustic Source Localization in Shallow Water: A Probabilistic Focalization Approach

Florian Meyer and Kay L. Gemba

FUSION2021 | Student Paper Awards:


FUSION2021 Best Student Paper

Next Generation Multitarget Trackers: Random Finite Set Methods vs Transformer-based Deep Learning

Juliano Pinto, Georg Hess, William Ljungbergh, Yuxuan Xia, Lennart Svensson and Henk Wymeersch


FUSION2021 Best Student Paper: First Runner-up

A Random Finite Set Sensor Control Approach for Vision-based Multi-object Search-While-Tracking

Keith LeGrand, Pingping Zhu and Silvia Ferrari


FUSION2021 Best Student Paper: Second Runner-up

Policy Rollout Action Selection with Knowledge Gradient for Sensor Path Planning

Thore Gerlach, Folker Hoffmann and Alexander Charlish